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RobotsConf 2014 Tickets

The energy and excitement for RobotsConf is amazing and we cannot wait to host everyone in Amelia Island, FL. We will have a limited number of seats available for the event mainly due to its high focus on hands-on activities which does require more staff and experts to be on hand. The event will be unlike any other technical conference you might have attended and as such we wanted to give you a list of reasons why you will want to be at RobotsConf:

  1. Test out the wide world of robotics, maker movement, and hardware hacking without serious upfront investment of time and money! One of the scariest parts of entering any new field is "what do I need to get started" and that is often followed by the fear of "this is too complex, I should just quit now". RobotsConf is built to provide you a place to play, dabble, and learn with experts that will help you through those first couple hurdles as well as provide you a breadth of experience to quickly identify what you really want to pursue. The best part of RobotsConf is that your entire cost (in both time and money) is well defined and will not increase. You don't have to buy a drone, solder station, bunch of parts, reflow station, etc, microcontrollers, 3D-Printer, ongoing fee to a hackerspace, etc. just to find out you dont like drones and rather prefer making smart clothing. We are creating a "find your passion" with a safety net environment and it is the best way to make the leap to learning hardware, come join us!
  2. The only place you can learn in your programming language of preference a new world This event isn't for people familiar with hardware, electrons, and soldering - it is for people that program web applications, sites, server systems, and desktop apps. It is for people that are fascinated by robots but might know what is a servo. Due to this, we will be the first and only event that gathers the "gatekeepers" (aka serialport package maintainers) between Ruby, Python, JS, Clojure, etc. into one room to help you become familiar with hardware through the very same languages you use happily every day.
  3. An incredible blend of inspiration and training. Lectures grow tiresome and abstract, while strict training doesn't often afford one to drive their own education. This why we have opted for a blended model of morning inspirational talks by the greatest thought leaders, movers, and shakers in the hardware and maker movement and hands-on choose-your-own-adventure style focsued labs throughout the afternoon. At RobotsConf, we spend the morning getting excited about the dreams of the maker movement and spend the afternoon learning to build the dream.
  4. Focus on high quality, intimate, social interactions, not quantity and pride. This event is constructed in the same nature as JSConf US and as such will provide you food and refreshment throughout the day in a manner that encourages social interactions. Speakers and experts are not kept isolated, but rather forced to be part of the audience. We are purposefully constraining the size of the event in order to ensure that every single attendee leaves incredibly happy and ready to build the next generation of robots, drones, fashion, or beyond.

A question we often get is, "Why aren't tickets (cheaper||free)?" and while we are constantly working to reduce the expenses of the conference, unfortunately conferences occur in the real world, which means it costs real money to create. We could reduce ticket prices to zero by taking only sponsorship funds, but that raises the expectations of what sponsors would receive in exchange and we aren't about to go down that path. The more a ticket costs, the more we, as curators, can stand on your side of the attendee and create the event for you instead of others. Part of the curation of RobotsConf is to create an environment which is prime for social interactions, this means providing far beyond what other events might in order to keep attendees happy and engaged at the conference. We also value the time and effort our speakers put into making amazing presentations, so we provide for their travel and lodging while speaking at our event. This is just a decision we have made for all of our events and it does add to the overall cost of the event. If you want more details on why tickets cost the amount they do, please review our previous posting on this matter.


Without further ado, here is how you can attend RobotsConf 2014! If you require information about the event for corporate, educational, or other reimbursement, you may contact us to assist in obtaining the necessary details. We will lock the ticket price at the point in which you contact us, but not the availability. All tickets come with admission to the morning inspirational keynotes, afternoon choose-your-own workshops, and evening social activities. If you have any questions about the pricing and what it includes, please email us directly.

Kids Access ($325)

For the first time ever, we are offering Kids Tickets for RobotsConf!!! After the amazing time we had last year with all of the families working on robots, we decided to make this year even easier to make it happen. Our kids tickets will provide the attendee with full access to everything of the conference, including food, goodie bag, and one of the largest pop-up makerspaces ever. Kids tickets have been made available at this point at Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis with no refunds offered, but the tickets can be transferred. Kids tickets are limited to only individuals between the age of 0 and 18 years of age.

Early Bird ($500) SOLD OUT!

Early Bird tickets have been made available at this point at Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis with no refunds offered, but the tickets can be transferred. Once the set of early bird tickets are sold out, there are no more.

Regular Admission ($650)

Regular Admission tickets will be available starting August 1st or when early bird tickets sell out, whichever comes first. They will remain on sale until either sold out completely or November 15th, whichever comes first. Like the early bird tickets, these will sell out so please do not hesitate as there will not be any extras that become available.

Late Bird ($850)

Late Bird tickets will be available starting November 16th or when regular admission tickets sell out, whichever comes first. They will until either sold out completely or the start of the event, whichever comes first. These are designed to allow people that might have longer approval times still obtain a ticket despite the processes they have to work through.

I want a free ticket

Great, apply to become a speaker or workshop leader for RobotsConf!

Conference Attendance Agreements

By purchasing a RobotsConf 2014 ticket, you agree with our stated Code of Conduct. You acknowledge that if you or a group you are involved with act in a manner not in accordance with the Code of Conduct, you may be expelled from the conference with no refund. You agree that you will act with respect for other attendees, organizers, speakers, and staff (both conference and venue) for your entire stay at RobotsConf 2014. Finally, you agree that if you see something wrong you will notify a RobotsConf Staff member to allow them to take swift and appropriate actions. The privacy of individuals reporting issues will be maintained and we deeply appreciate your willingness to come forward about issues. We are here to help.

Transferring a Ticket

Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances, but they may be transferred. To transfer the ownership of a RobotsConf 2014 ticket, please see this page that describes the necessary steps. If you are trying to find a ticket, please check our RobotsConf community on Google Plus.

Why Are You Selling Tickets Before Speakers Are Announced And So Early?

We are trying to allow RobotsConf attendees the ability to book their travel arrangements significantly in advance so as to take advantage of lower prices. We understand that the cost of a conference isn't just the price of the ticket, but also the hotel, travel, ticket, and other miscellanous items and we are doing our best to allow you the opportunity to make that as cost-effective as possible.

We understand that some people might not be comfortable purchasing a ticket to a conference with little to no insight about what will be presented at the event, but at the same time due to the nature of our event all the things should be first time seeing/doing anyway. We encourage you to review our incredible track record of events and use them in your purchasing decision as this event will be even bigger and better than those. If that is not enough to convince you, please do bear in mind that we do offer all of the content for free shortly after the event. We apologize for any inconveince or uncertainty this may cause you, but we are trying to balance the best of all worlds.