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RobotsConf Call for Makers and Maker-Makers

RobotsConf will be an extraordinary event driven mainly by our industry experts that are selected to attend as speakers. We want you to be those industry experts! We want to hear from you about the amazing things you are doing, building, making, and thinking! We do have specific topic areas we are looking for as well as specific hands-on trainers we would like to have as invited participants, so please review the list below for what is needed. At the same time, please don't limit your submissions to JUST those topics, we are happy to entertain any crazy idea - so long as you can tailor to an audience of software developers learning hardware. For all submissions (speaker or trainers), we are looking for training and speaking expertise balanced with "incredibleness" of topic, all of that must be tempered with an ability to present in an educational versus simply presentational manner. In short, we want people who have done/are doing amazing things, can speak to those things in an accessible manner, and help people to recreate it on their own.

Submissions are broken into two categories, workshops and speakers.

Workshops are going to be people who can help out with the hands-on educational aspects of the event and will require you to train/teach/show to small groups of attendees and give them a good jumping off point for the activity. For each workshop, we will have one or more trainers and we will require you to work with us leading up to the event to ensure we have all the necessary supplies handy for your workshops. You do not have to be an expert in the high level languages as we will have people on hand to help with that, but it is definitely a plus and please let us know on your submission which language(s) you are experienced with.

Speakers are individuals that can provide visionary perspective and energize a crowd. The speaker talks at this event will mainly focused on "here is how this will changing the world" and encouraging attendees to go out and drive that change. Talks should remain in the higher-level of thought, but can delve into deep technical matter when appropriate. We are, admittedly, seeking a strange set of talks, but if you think you fit that bill -- we would love to hear about it!

Here are the topics we are seeking for submissions, please select just one of these options when you submit your talk/workshop idea:

  • 3D Printing and Modern Fabrication
  • Drones and Autonoumous/Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
  • Microcontrollers and the Internet of Things
  • Home Automation
  • Electronic Fundamentals
  • Soldering, Wiring, and Prototyping
  • Robotics and ROS
  • HackerSpaces
  • Interaction Interfaces (Makey-Makey, Kinect, LeapMotion)
  • Fashion

To answer this call for Speakers and Workshoppers, please register using the button below. The submission form will remain open until Wednesday, August 1st, 2014 at 12:00PM EST. Individuals selected will be notified shortly after that. We welcome strange and unusual presentations as long as they remain within the boundaries of our well established Code of Conduct, please review this code prior to submitting your talk. If you have any issues, concerns, or questions please email [email protected].